Dibble & Miller, P.C. has a very active real estate practice, including structuring, negotiating and handling commercial and residential real estate purchases, sales, title examinations and closings.

Included in the real estate practice are commercial and residential lease negotiations, dispute resolutions and litigation.  For commercial landlord clients, the firm offers a comprehensive commercial lease drafted by the firm for the use of such clients.

The firm also handles commercial and residential real estate disputes and litigation of all kinds, including land boundary, driveway and fence disputes.  Part of the real estate litigation practice includes mortgage foreclosures and mortgagor and tenant evictions.

The firm does not rely upon non-attorney title examiners, as do many other firms, to protect one of your most valuable investments, your real estate.  A lawyer at the firm will personally review all titles for defects, clouds, etc., and will see that the title you receive in your land acquisition is marketable and free and clear of all encumbrances except those accepted by you. (Version GA02a)

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