Dibble & Miller, P.C. is dedicated to representing clients who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own.

We handle all types of negligence suits including motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, premises liability accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

Team Approach: Dibble & Miller, P.C. a completely digital law firm, utilizes a collaborative approach which draws upon the litigation experience of its attorneys and insight of its multi-disciplinary practice groups, in addition to physician and nursing consultants, experts, paralegals and office staff, to fully prepare your case for settlement or trial.

Because Dibble & Miller, P.C. is not “just” a personal injury firm, we can assist you with your personal injury matter and any other life-issues which you might face, either as part of the personal injury case or as a result of other issues in your life.

In other words, often your personal injury matter will cause other difficulties in your life, for example, loss of a job, family issues, credit concerns, or insurance problems.  Because we are not "just" a personal injury firm, we can assist you in resolving these other issues as well.

Our multi-disciplinary practice allows us not only to be your personal injury lawyers, it allows us to be your lawyers for any other legal needs which might arise during your personal injury suit and after its resolution. 

Contingent Fee: We work on a contingent fee basis, and only collect our attorney’s fee if you are successful with your personal injury claim.  There are, however, always expenses incurred during litigation other than the lawyers' legal fees.  The law mandates that the client is ultimately responsible for these costs, even if there is no recovery.  No attorney should tell you otherwise and if they do, they are not following what the law requires. 

We will advise you of the likely expenses associated with bringing a lawsuit, as well as how those expenses are handled during your suit and after its resolution.  We understand that not all clients will be able to pay their expenses during the pendency of their suit, and will discuss with you how this issue may be resolved without causing you any undue hardship. 

Free Consultation: There is no charge for consulting us about your claim, whether in person or by telephone.  We encourage you to call or come and visit us at no charge so that we may evaluate your personal injury claim with you, and determine how we can best serve your legal needs.

Time Limitations: The law limits the period in which you may commence a lawsuit depending on the status of the negligent party, the age of the injured person, and type of action being commenced.  Additionally, you may be entitled to benefits which must be applied for within certain time periods or else they will be lost.  Please keep this in mind and call us as soon as possible after your accident so we may advise you of these limitation periods. (Version GA02a)

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