Family relationships in today’s world are not immune from the complexities that influence and affect virtually every aspect of human existence. 


Since its inception, and continuing today, Dibble & Miller, P.C. has offered its clients a full range of services in virtually every area of family law.  Dibble & Miller, P.C. represents clients in negotiating and preparing prenuptial (antenuptial) agreements.  Frequently, these agreements involve prospective partners who have acquired substantial assets prior to marriage or those individuals contemplating remarriage who have assets and children from prior relationships they wish to protect.  When marriages break down, as they unfortunately do, the Firm also represents clients in negotiating and preparing separation agreements.


Apart from family law related agreements, the Firm likewise represents clients in all manner of court proceedings involving litigated family law matters.  The Firm’s attorneys represent clients in Family Court matters such as family offense (protective order) proceedings, paternity proceedings, child custody and visitation proceedings, child support proceedings, and spousal support proceedings.


Similarly, the Firm’s attorneys also represent clients in Supreme Court matters such as divorce actions and post-divorce enforcement and/or modification proceedings.  In particular, the Firm prides itself on its comprehensive services to clients involved in divorce actions.  From child custody and visitation disputes to issues of domestic violence to complex financial issues dealing with real property, closely held business interests, and the division of a wide variety of financial interests in pensions, profit sharing plans and the like, the Firm focuses on ensuring that its clients’ relationships with their children are protected and their financial interests accumulated during a marriage are fairly and equitably divided.


In this respect, Dibble & Miller, P. C. is fortunate to have attorneys on its staff with extensive experience in matrimonial law in order to effectively guide litigants in navigating the frequently complicated domestic relations laws which exist in our state.  Having experienced and knowledgeable counsel on your side earlier rather than later can help assure that your interests concerning both your children and your finances are protected.


If you are facing the dissolution of a marriage (and, particularly, if children and/or substantial debts and assets are involved), you owe it to yourself to seek professional advice from experienced practitioners whose daily work involves all of these issues.  You also owe it to yourself to seek such advice early-on.  In our ever-increasingly complex society, the law regarding families, their property and debts is also increasingly complex.  Attempting to handle these complex and emotional issues on one’s own can be overwhelming.


Dibble & Miller also represents all types of individuals with family law issues, from high net worth individuals to those of more modest means.  The one thing all of these individuals have in common is a need to have someone knowledgeable on his or her side who can competently and empathetically guide them through what can often be an unfamiliar and intimidating experience. (Version GA02a)


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