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July 2014  If You Owe Money and Are Not Making Payments, Read This
Reforms governing consumer credit collection practices in New York State’s city courts are expected to take effect soon.  These reforms will require creditors to comply with certain procedural requirements before they can obtain default judgments against debtors.  The reforms provide protection for debtors that we, as defense counsel, have long sought on behalf of our clients.  This article discusses these new rules and how they will help prevent unjustified default judgments against debtors. 
June 2013 Is Bankruptcy An Option to Discharge Taxes Due?
There is a common misconception that taxes due to the IRS or NY State Department of Taxation and Finance cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.  Although the rules for how taxes are handled in a bankruptcy are very complex, nevertheless, in the proper circumstances, a bankruptcy filing may work to discharge both taxes and penalties due to federal and state taxing authorities.  You can learn more about this option and whether or not it is right for you in our helpful and informative June newsletter. (Version GA02a)

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