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June 2014 Always Remember Your Right to Remain Silent 
This article discusses your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent throughout the process of an investigation, not just at a trial, and the importance of understanding when and how to invoke this right.  If the “Miranda Warnings” are read to you (letting you know of your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney), a charge of some kind is, in all likelihood, going to be filed against you.  At this point you need to clearly state that you want an attorney and that you will not answer questions without one.  But it is equally important to know that you do not have to incriminate yourself at any point, including during an investigation.  For your own protection, make sure to take advantage of your right to remain silent at the earliest moment. 
March 2014 Touching or Holding a Phone or GPS While Driving May Result in Loss of Drivers License
Our March newsletter covers recent New York State legislation concerning use of “portable electronic devices” (PED) while driving.  Simply holding a PED or a mobile phone in your hand while driving your car can result in an arrest and conviction.  We have seen reports of drivers convicted for adjusting the volume on a GPS or looking at a mobile phone to see the time.  Use of a PED and use of a hand-held mobile phone while operating a vehicle are now both five point violations.  A five point violation can potentially trigger a review of your lifetime driving record to determine your driving worthiness.  This newsletter features important and timely information for any driver with a cellphone or GPS device in the car. 
September 2013 Assault Weapons and the SAFE Act
The September newsletter continues our overview of the SAFE Act from the August newsletter.  The Act was passed to prevent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from purchasing firearms, to prevent the possession of automatic assault weapons, and to provide for the registration of certain semi-automatic weapons.  This article reviews some of the characteristics of what is now classified as assault weapons, including helpful pictures.  More information about the SAFE Act, including information about firearms that may require registration, firearms that are prohibited, and an individual’s rights or responsibilities, is available by contacting Dibble & Miller, P.C. (Version GA02a)
August 2013 The SAFE Act
New York State’s legislative response to the December 14, 2012 shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut was the passage of the New York State Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (SAFE Act). The bill, which became law on January 14, 2013, has drawn criticism for the lack of consideration given to the effect of some of its provisions. Our August newsletter is a brief overview of some of the provisions of the SAFE Act, as well as some of the reactions to the Act.
May 2013 Beware: Possession of Dangerous Porn
Not only is pornography widespread on the internet, but child pornography (“CP”) is rampant on the internet as well.  This month’s newsletter features an in-depth discussion on what constitutes CP under federal law, and what some of the penalties for CP crimes are.  This newsletter also discusses some of the long-term consequences after convictions and initial penalties are imposed.  If you have any questions about an individual’s rights or responsibilities under the laws governing CP or any other criminal activity, please contact Dibble & Miller, P.C. for assistance.

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