Jeanne M. Mastin, B.S., R. N.
Title: Administrative Supervisor

David B. Nickason, B.S.
Title: Legal Administrator

Michelina E. Vassallo (Lena), B.A. Title:  Office Manager *******

Vernice Jenkins, A.O.S. Title:  Paralegal Assistant/Document Management Specialist

Danielle Alchowiak, B.A., R.P. Title:  Bankruptcy/Civil Litigation Paralegal

Laurie B. Salko, A.A.S. Title:  Real Estate Paralegal

Steven J. Litteer, B.A., E.A. Title:  Tax Department Supervisor/Tax Defense Paralegal

Michael R. Wicker, B.S. ("Ryan") Title: Family Law Assistant

Coleman D. Clarke Jr., B.A., M.Div., Ph.D. Title:  Project Specialist

Sheila P. Kelley, M.S., M.D., Ph.D. Title: Project Specialist

Robert D. Bartlett, B.A. Title:  Marketing Manager

Kevin P. Melanson, B.S., B.S., E.A. Title:  Project Specialist

Andrea M. Moore, A.A.S., B.S. Ed., M.S.Ed. ("Andie") Title:  Tax Defense Paralegal

Adryann M. Strauss, B.A., J.D. Title:  Family Law Paralegal *Not Licensed to Practice Law

Glenda K. Bondy, B.S. Title:  Criminal Defense Paralegal/Disability Rights Advocate

Andrea I. Krueger, B.B.A., M.S. (Tax), C.P.A. ("AK") Title:  Tax Defense/Forensic Accountant

Christopher D. Guy, B.S. Title:  Filing Manager

Max J. Nagowski, B.A. Title:  Law Firm Accountant

Madeline M. Stolt Title:  Bankruptcy Trustee Paralegal

Timothy J. McMahon, M.B.A., J.D., E.A.* Title: Tax Defense Paralegal *Not Licensed to Practice Law

Elizabeth A. Schantz, B.A. Title: Legal Secretary

April Anyah, B.A., M.S. Title: Legal Secretary

Christine M. Johnson, B.A. Title: Estate Paralegal

Spencer C. Lowe, B.S. Title: Tax Defense Paralegal Assistant

Kendra J. Crane (Kendy) Title: Document Management Specialist

(Version AC20)

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