Privacy Notice

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Federal legislation requires professional organizations that advise on personal matters to inform clients of the organization's policies and practices regarding privacy and disclosure of nonpublic personal information about clients who obtain from the organization financial services primarily for personal, family or household purposes.  A Federal Court has ruled that the Federal privacy legislation does not apply to New York law firms.  Nevertheless, we are publishing our privacy policy so that clients and potential clients may be fully informed of the law firm's commitment to the preservation of our client's privacy.  The policy of the Firm in this regard can be obtained by clicking here: Privacy Policy Notice.


First Meeting with Client and Client Communications

Free Initial Consultation with Client. As an accommodation and to help our clients become acquainted with the Firm, there is no charge for the first meeting with the client, until you decide to retain the Firm, whether the meeting is held in person, or by telephone or e-mail.

Contemporaneous Client Communications. The client is kept informed of all aspects of any matter for which the client retained the Firm, in terms that facilitate the client's understanding of the decisions that need to be made.  This allows the client to knowingly and actively participate in, or make, these decisions.

Advanced Use of Computers and Digital Technology

to Communicate with and Benefit the Client

Dibble & Miller, P.C. is highly computerized, and its attorneys and staff are knowledgeable about the use of computers in business and over the Internet.

The Firm's entire case management is digital.  Everything from client intake information to documents to memos to audiotapes and photographs, is stored in the Firm’s internal file system online.  All such documents and information are digitized and made available to all attorneys and staff members on their computer screens, within the office and any place in the world where a computer approved by the Firm is located and where there is internet access.

The Firm can send and receive e-mail, and can send documents over the Internet.  Today's technology allows the Firm to serve our clients with efficiency and thoroughness equal to that of the largest enterprises, at a lower cost. 

The technology of the Firm was the subject of a feature article in the local legal publication known as "The Daily Record".

Foreign Languages Supported

Dibble & Miller, P.C. is pleased to represent non-English speaking clients.  Our attorneys and staff speak or have access to interpreters in multiple foreign languages such as: Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Chinese and more.

Client Intake Forms

All of the financial arrangements between the Firm and the client will be provided in writing before the client has to make a decision on hiring the Firm or paying a retainer fee, which is a fee paid by the client to the Firm before the commencement of work by the Firm.  The retainer fee can be for the estimated full amount of the legal services expected to be rendered, can be a down payment for such services, or can simply be an amount necessary to start the legal work, as shall be agreed upon in advance between the client and the Firm.

General Intake Forms. It is the practice of the firm to give clients, as part of the client intake process, at least five (5) documents (by clicking on each document below, they can be viewed and printed using the Acrobat reader).  These documents are only SAMPLES and are not intended to be an offer of services for the hourly rates and fees listed in any of the documents and are not intended to be a listing of hourly rates and fees charged by the firm.  DO NOT SIGN THESE DOCUMENTS.  If the Firm is retained, the Firm will provide completed documents, listing the scope of services to be provided by the Firm, and the fees to be charged for such services, and any amendment and additions to such documents:

  1. Retainer Agreement 

  2. Retainer Agreement (FL) 

  3. Retainer Agreement (Contingency)  

Hourly Rates and Fees for Legal Services. The hourly rates and fees to be charged by the Firm, as set forth in the Law Firm Retainer Agreement and the other documents entered into between the client and the Firm when the client retains the Firm, will vary depending on the then current hourly rates charged by the firm and the scope of services to be provided by the Firm.  The fees and hourly rates to be charged by the Firm will be provided to the prospective client at the time inquires are made of an attorney at the Firm about representation by the Firm and the attorney determines the scope of services to be provided by the Firm.

Real Estate Closing Intake Forms. The above intake forms are usually not given to a client retaining the Firm for only a residential real estate closing (but will, of course, be given upon request), because of the lack of complexity and the traditional nature of the work to be performed and because there is little risk of a disagreement between the Firm and the client over the legal and ethical obligations of the attorney to the client and the fee to be paid for those services.

Payment of Invoices.  The Firm will accept as payment of its invoices, cash, check, wire transfers and the following credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express):


Malpractice Insurance

The Firm maintains a standard "claims made" malpractice insurance policy covering services (subject to the terms of the policy) listed on this Web Site that are rendered to clients by attorneys at the Firm.  Nothing on this Web Site shall be deemed to change the terms, conditions, limits and coverage of the policy.  Upon written request, a client may obtain information about coverage and policy limits from the attorney representing the client at the Firm.










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