Referrals by Attorneys to Dibble & Miller, P.C.

The law firm provides skilled legal and tax services that may be helpful to other attorneys.

We are pleased and proud to accept referrals from other attorneys. The policy of the firm with respect to referrals from other attorneys is to handle only those specific matters that are referred and no other matter for that client.  If requested, we are pleased to involve the referring attorney as part of the working team, or as an intermediary with the client so the referring attorney can act as “in-house” counsel, directing the extent to which our involvement is required.

Normally, the firm will reach an independent understanding with the referred client concerning our compensation and the firm will bill the client directly for our work.  It is expected that the referring attorney will also receive or share a fee for whatever services the referring attorney undertakes in connection with the matter, whether such services are rendered separately or in collaboration with our firm.  However, the firm can arrange to bill the referring attorney for the work and have no direct relationship with client referred by the attorney.

Please contact an attorney at the firm if we can be of help when the need arises. There is no charge to any attorney to review any case about which the firm is consulted. (Version GA02a)
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